What We Eat In Nepal

Brought to you by popular demand (and a lot of extra time on my hands as I fight a cold) is a whole page dedicated to what kinds of foods we’ve been eating! I get a little embarrassed taking pictures of my food so they’re not that great.


These are one of our favorites. They’re like little perogies that come steamed or fried, and can be filled with meat, cheese, potatoes, veggies or a mix.


Sherpa Stew

A thick soup full of pieces of dough and veggies including garlic, onion, carrots, green beans, potatoes and bok choy, all of which you can see growing in the gardens that are everywhere. You can also get it with meat but that’s a little sketchy the higher up we are due to lack of refrigeration, especially during shipment. The most reliable source of protein here is eggs.



This is what Sean eats when he’s feeling pent up on a rest day. Yes, this was all one frenzied sitting. I managed to get a few blueberry ice cream flavoured oreos without losing a finger and they were delish!


Daal Bhat

Daal (lentil) Bhat (rice) is a traditional dish most Nepali’s eat for both of their daily meals. It can be as simple as rice and lentil soup (which you pour over the rice) or as fancy as this one, with a vegetable curry, meat curry, and spicy pickles. You mix it all up and locals eat it with their hands (I just get rice in my hair when I try to do that).



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