Indonesian Grub

Food in Indonesia wasn’t bad, but it didn’t take long to get boring. The huge variety of street food was a highlight of our time in Yogyakarta, but in more remote areas like Nusa Lembongan it was pretty much nasty, I mean nasi, goreng everyday. Sean would disagree as he already misses it. During our spate of sunrise hikes we pretty well subsisted on packages of Ichiban noodles, which we both cringe to even think of now.

Nasi Goreng

Translates as fried rice, it’s a staple and sometimes accompanied by chicken or seafood, and often served with a fried egg and fish chips. Mie goreng is the same thing but noodles instead of rice.


Mie goreng on the beach on Nusa Lembongan

Nasi Campur 

Rice with a variety of random sidedishes, like chicken in peanut sauce or tempe, made from fermented soybeans. It was a nice step up from nasi goreng.


Nasi Campur in Sanur

Warung Meals

Warungs are small street side stalls that display different dishes from which you can pick from. Usually the food had cooled down from sitting out for a short while but they were our favourite places to eat at and were super cheap.


Squid and fish from a warung in Jakarta, less than a dollar a dish!

Tropical Fruits

Trying all the different fruits is one of my favourite parts of travelling and I found a lot in Indonesia!


You twist open the hairy red ball for a super sweet, lychee like fruit enclosing a seed that looks like an almond. They’re a favourite.



Looks sort of like a green apple until you crack it open by hitting it on something. The pink fruit inside is mushy and not as sweet as most other fruits, and the seeds give it a crunchy texture.


Snakeskin Fruit

Another favourite, partly because they’re so neat. The skin looks just like a scaly snakes’ and you peel it back to reveal what looks like big garlic cloves. They smell like perfume and are crunchy and sweet. There’s a big brown seed inside each one.



You crack the hard orange shells open to find what looks like glob of frog eggs. Sean is very good at slurping them all up at once but I need more practice. The good ones taste like candy and the seeds add a nice crunch.

DSCN1747 DSCN1749


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