The Bali Leprechauns: Sanur

The morning following our scuba dive graduation we caught the fastboat back from Nusa Lembongan to Sanur. I had been dreading the ride back but thankfully the seas were a lot calmer and we seemed to have a much better captain that didn’t have the throttle wide open while smashing into the few bigger waves we did encounter. The crossing wasn’t entirely uneventful though, as about three quarters of the way across a small girl sitting near the front got seasick and vomited in the aisle. Her distraught looking mother then rushed her to the back of the boat to puke over the side right behind our seats instead of just having her stick her head out the window in her own row. She then quite comically proceeded to scream at her husband in Dutch, who had remained seated, presumably for him to do something. I am not sure what help he could have been at that point though. Shortly after, a second girl was escorted to the back of the boat by her father and threw up all over the floor of the boat right behind us. We made a hasty escape of thoughtfully placed footsteps off the back of the boat and walked down the beach to Sanur. I had stayed here with my parents a few years ago so knew the area fairly well.

After finding a homestay I left Emily to apply for jobs on the laptop and I went for a little walk down memory lane. I passed quite a number of familiar pubs and restaurants before arriving at the Cat and Fiddle, an Irish pub where my parents and I had watched a surprisingly talented Celtic Indonesian band called the Bali Leprechauns. I had a beer there and saw on the sign out front the Bali Leprechauns were playing that evening. I made my way back to the north of Sanur to inform Emily and along the way tried to find a little pub with a very interesting Australian owner that I had visited a number of times during my last visit. In years past he had been a freelance photographer and journalist and he had crazy stories of articles he wrote for National Geographic and other big name magazines in a number of war torn areas. Unfortunately it seemed his place had closed down, as I couldn’t find it anywhere. That night we had a great time watching the band and requesting songs. They played The Wild Rover, Foggy Dew, Fairy Tale of New York, Fiesta, Galway Girl, and many others. The owner of the bar was celebrating his birthday that night and joined them onstage playing his accordion.

We had one more quiet day in Sanur, got our last drink at the J.Co. Coffee and donut restaurant (way better than Tim Horton’s) and saw the Bali Leprechauns one more time at a pub called the Wicked Parrot. The following day we made our way to the new airport in Denpasar and flew out to Kuala Lumpur.


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