Terd Plans

Sean and I head to Kathmandu on Oct 21, and will start our travels with the Three Passes trek in the Everest region. From there we’ll visit a couple national parks in Nepal before heading south to India to check out the desert (maybe on camels), the Taj Mahal and if we make it further south in India, Asiatic lions and region called Hampi with really cool geography too complicated, we’re on our way to Indonesia and saving India for another trip! Then we might make a quick stop at Singapore on our way to the Philippines, the country I’m most excited for. In the Philippines we’ll go north from Manila to check out rice terrace country and World War 2 sites, and then south to get our scuba diving certification as there are so many world classes dive sites, some even over WW2 wrecks. Then it’s on to Vietnam, where we can check out more war history as well as kayaking in the many bays and rockclimbing on limestone karsts. From there we’ll head through Laos to Thailand, and eventually we’ll fly home from Bangkok. The whole trip should take about 5-6 months and it’s pretty optimistic that we’d get to all the countries we’re planning on, plus our plans change all the time so who knows what will happen!


8 thoughts on “Terd Plans

  1. Super fun! I didn’t know you were planning a stop in Manila. My
    Cousin lives there! He owns a chain of wing restarunts there! When you get there if you need a contact or are
    Craving a good Canadian beer and wings hit up the “wingman” and ask for Erik Hoff.


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